MAGGI Hot Cup (Chicken) 63G
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Size (L x W x H) 9 cm x 9 cm x 10 cm

MAGGI Hot Cup (Chicken) 63G

  • What's so special about MAGGI Hot Cup Sup Ayam Special?
  • It's in the chicken broth made with real chicken essence and a secret blend of garlic and onions that makes it hearty and aromatic.
  • Now with added garnishes of sweetcorn, cabbage, carrots and 10% more noodles than before, it truly is comfort food that you crave for.

• Instant noodle in a cup

• Garnished with real vegetables

• Contains aromatic chicken, garlic and shallot broth

• Noodles made from Australia-sourced wheat grain

• HALAL certified


MAGGI® HOT CUP® Sup Ayam Special is more satisfying as ever! With real vegetables and aromatic chicken, garlic and shallot broth, savour that taste of long-boiled chicken soup that gives you the aromatic rich taste you have always loved. Grab one today!



1. Just add hot water (100°C) into cup

2. Wait for 3 minutes, stir with seasoning

3. Enjoy


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MAGGI Hot Cup (Chicken) 63G